Diversity of projects with sometimes surprising results!

The wealth of 30 years of experience in a wide variety of sectors and circumstances

European Portal

As part of the project management assistance for Météo France, this project consisted in taking over the European airborne meteorological research portal, a collaborative work tool led by the European Commission (EUFAR project)

Ads and text-to-speech

Innovation! The sernam (road transport) performance project will see the birth of many innovative projects, such as the voice-synthesis broadcast of truck departures and arrivals, such as the ads broadcast in SNCF stations. A centralized operation on a network of 50 branches. Never seen before! 

The right weight

Also as part of a project to improve the performance of a road carrier, the implementation of a new procedure for checking the weights declared by customers, with the help of a "small" control software deployed on all agencies, made it possible to generate

€9,000,000 margin per year! 

Reopening of the store

Google Maps sometimes indicates, we do not know why (…), that this or that store is "permanently closed". And when it comes to a mistake, it can have unfortunate consequences on the activity of said store. This is what happened to one of our customers. The reopening of the file and the implementation of a mini website had an immediate impact the following Saturday…

Medical Record

6 months of work to recover 23 kilometers of medical archives collapsed on themselves.

A project with significant stakes to resolve the interruption of service endangering the lives of some patients.

Here again, the creation of an innovative specific software will have made it possible to accelerate the resumption of service.  

Production schedule

The production planning software and the tool that accompanies the business strategy. The innovation of work organization and the development of a tailor-made software of one of the largest printing companies in the country, now allows it to plan all the work by giving visibility of the loads hour by hour, day by day, to all the actors, from the quotation stage to the delivery to the customer, through the extranet and the monitoring of the BAT.  

High-voltage elections

The accompaniment and coaching of a project manager, in charge of the project of printing and routing the ballots for the EC and DP elections of a large company (65,000 voters) – Carried out in three weeks and in 3X8, this project received the congratulations of the client and the elections were a success according to the unions.

Train Safety Partnership

YANOVA is a partner of ECORAIL TRANSPORT (Rail Freight) in the design and development of a software for managing the skills of train drivers and ground operators. This software replaces 7 SNCF software previously used, has been audited several times by the rail authority and meets the requirements of the European network. A true business reference, it ensures the safety of trains and its engine is adaptable to all sectors of activity.

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