Software that meets European railway safety requirements

The innovative design of the business skills framework makes this software adaptable to all businesses requiring rigorous monitoring of the company's know-how.

Maintaining skills and training employees are essential tools for business performance improvement projects.  

11 main functions of SECOYA-RAIL

Designed iteratively with users
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Each profession related to rail transport has its own skills. SECOYA-RAIL references the know-how of ground operators (OAS), train drivers (CRL), medium managers, evaluators, REX… 

Each skill is assigned checkpoints that make it possible to monitor and evaluate the employee's actual know-how.

The deviation reference by checkpoint makes it possible to classify the average or insufficient rated evaluations

The competency framework is organized into a competency network: a competency can have associated skills and pre-requisite skills. Skill groups can be created to simplify assignment to operators. The dissemination or withdrawal of a competence can be done to all operators with a particular function (CRL, OAS …) – A skill can also be specifically "sized" to broadcast only a part of the control points of its repository.

2- HR – Employee data management

  • Assignment of skills with automatically calculated validity period

  • Tracking restrictions and measures

  • Definition of standby cycles

  • Follow-up of medical, VAS, psychological visits according to automated schedule according to the age of the employee.

  • Recording significant events

  • Document management

  • Management of official cards and documents

  • Hierarchical management of employees by department and sector of society

  • Assigning functions and profiles

3 – Training management

  • Objectives of the training courses

  • Areas of competence concerned

  • Employees and evaluations

  • Automatic entry in employee registers

  • Edition of the training certificate

4 – editing of official documents

  • Additional train driver certificates – European format

  • Authorization authorization card – European format

  • Employee Register

  • Regist of supplementary certificates

5 – REGISTRE DES évaluation des employés

Each assessment is recorded and relates to one or more skills held by the employee. It is possible to assess all or part of the control points of the competences concerned.An overall score is automatically calculated on the basis of the different assessments. The assessment uses the SAMI rating (Satisfactory – Acceptable – Medium – Insufficient)

An evaluation can be registered in the employee's register and give rise to the creation of an action in the single standardized action plan.

6 – Event classification repository

This repository is used to define in a structured way the nature of an event and the type of deviation it induces.For each reference line, it is possible to assign a questionnaire (survey report) to carry out the necessary and/or mandatory studies and analyses. 

7 – REX – event log

This registry classifies all recorded events. Each event described according to the event repository, can give rise to an action that will be registered in the single standardized action plan. Depending on its nature defined by its repository, the event may give rise to a standardized investigation.

8 – Seizure and report of investigations

SECOYA integrates a module of fully configurable questionnaires. Describe the paragraphs, questions, types of answers expected, lists of choices…

Standardized investigation reports focus on the study and analysis of events. The company's security manager is automatically notified of the opening and closing of investigations.

Events and investigations may result in the opening of actions that will be managed in the standardized action plan.

9 – follow-up to the standardized action plan

The single standardized action plan recence in one place all the actions resulting from evaluations, events, internal audits or external controls (EPSF) – It thus allows to have a quick and global vision of the actions and their implementation. A real project management tool with the possibility of assigning sub-tasks, defining the person in charge of the action and the contributor, setting deadlines, monitoring the progress rate, filling in progress indicators, etc.

10 – pilot module and statistics

Various statistics are available to better manage security and meet the requirements of the EPSF, such as monitoring monitoring monitoring cycles, monitoring points of fragility, monitoring of accompaniments, etc.

11 – EDI – Computerized data exchange

Every night, SECOYA exchanges data with the production tool for skills monitoring – In a fully automated way thanks to the it gateway specially designed for this purpose.