Your timeshare IT manager

The size of your company does not justify the use of a full-time CIO. However, like all businesses today, you have thermal needs of COMPUTER skills. We offer to accompany you on this function, on a regular basis, and make you benefit from all our know-how in the field.

Timeshare, you benefit from all our skills

We provide you with the functions of project management assistance, director of information systems, IT manager and project manager

Project management assistance

Assist you in defining the objectives of your projects

  • Define and design your projects, study the impacts.

  • Collect the needs of your users and write the specifications that will describe the functional solution

  • Anticipate and propose new work organizations, plan training

  • Help you in the selection of service providers and find together solutions best suited to your needs

  • Manage your projects and facilitate communication

  • Facilitate teams and progress meetings

  • Ensure compliance with deadlines and specifications

  • Define recipe plans and ensure the proper delivery of your projects, their compliance and quality

Development of IT strategy and policy

Intervene in the fields of IT and telecommunications, security, risk management

  • Collection and analysis of business needs, evaluate and recommend investments

  • Ensure a technological and legal watch, anticipate changes and guide your choices

  • Assist you in the definition and monitoring of budgets

  • Guarantee consistency between systems, continuity of service and lead the evolution plan of information systems

  • Liaise between the IT department and other departments

  • Supervise the design and implementation of the system, the drafting of specifications in accordance with the needs and choices of the company

  • Animate IT projects through steering meetings

Management of the organization and IT projects

Integrate legal, ecological standards in the management of IT projects

  • Advocate new uses that can provide a competitive advantage

  • Evaluate the return on investment of projects

  • Identify user needs, follow up and propose arbitrations

  • Plan the project and facilitate progress meetings

  • Ensure that schedules are respected

  • Ensure proper compliance with specifications

  • Supervise and coordinate work

  • Ensure reporting

Organization and management of the IT department

Ensure the hierarchical supervision of all IT teams

  • Scale IT teams, evaluate individual and collective performance

  • Ensure the proper installation, maintenance and security of the operating and information system

  • Define and plan maintenance plans, define norms and standards of databases, tools, systems or networks

  • Oversee the purchase of COMPUTER equipment and software

  • Define the quality and security procedures of information systems

Software development

Keep an overview to ensure the success of the application

  • Study the needs of the different stakeholders

  • Anticipate the needs of a pilot thermal bath

  • Develop in iterative mode in constant relationship with users

Definition of the outsourcing policy

From the construction of specifications to the execution of the project

  • Analyze subcontracting offers

  • Monitor relationships with service providers.

  • Monitor the effectiveness of outputs and services

More than just a service, a real partnership!

We will study together the nature of your need, on which functions and areas will focus the intervention

Depending on your needs, we will estimate the time required and the frequency of interventions, on site and / or remotely, from 1 day per month to several days per week.

We will also define the duration of the contract, from three months to one year.

Subsequently and depending on the profile sought, we will quickly make the resource available.