Man and nature at the heart of the system

Because it is more essential than ever to take care of our resources, both human and environmental, to build a sustainable and efficient system. Improving working conditions is a major lever in a performance improvement project. The very word "performance" must integrate the notion of globality, and understand economic, ecological, human, social notions…

The human

(Real) Lean management advocates putting people at the heart of the system and not just performance. Experience has shown many times that employee engagement is the essential element for the success of a transformation project. Obtaining the commitment is achieved through strong and genuine actions carried out in favour of these resources and in a sincere desire to improve working conditions. It then becomes a powerful driver of engagement that will significantly improve performance through the acceptance and participation of all in change. In this perspective, YANOVA has developed an innovative method to initiate this change, the B5P. To learn more about B5P, contact us!  


It is the foundation on which all our conceptions, material and mental, rest. More and more actors are now becoming aware of its importance and fragility. Acting for its preservation, and consequently, for the preservation of humanity and all beings, is no longer a matter of marketing, but an absolute and urgent necessity. Mentalities are gradually changing, and the company must be an organizer of this change, with its partners and its employees. Giving meaning to work is one of the levers for obtaining commitment and success in continuous improvement approaches. 

THE overall performance and holistic approach

Every day, science and the events that occur increasingly highlight the interconnection of the systems in which we operate. Overall performance is no longer just a concept but a necessity for those who wish to guarantee the sustainability of their activities. Thus, in a transformation project, it will be a question of taking into account the interconnections of these different systems


If there is one thing that is no longer to be proven in this world, it is the impermanence of things! And this idea is valid at any time and space. Accepting and understanding this fact, always in a holistic approach, makes it possible to anticipate the entropic forces and to imagine the countermeasures that will guarantee a certain sustainability of the systems and organizations put in place.