Anticipate, plan, plan, monitor and animate

All the ingredients to ensure the success of your projects, regardless of their size or field.

After the definition and assignment of tasks, the project manager ensures the proper completion of the work, manages all stakeholders and ensures the proper flow of information. As a true conductor, he prevents delays, addresses problems and leads conciliation meetings. 

Setting up and monitoring action plans

Project mode is defined by the cutting, scheduling, and scheduling of project tasks. After the assignment (who does what), follow-up and animation is just as essential. The role of the project manager is to ensure that deadlines are met and that each task is carried out properly. With a long experience, we will ensure this function whatever the type of project and the sector of activity.

Facilitation of progress meetings

As part of the definition or follow-up of an action plan in project mode, the animation of meetings is an art in its own right. The consultant facilitator is the first to set an example of respect, listening and impartiality… Whatever the participants, management, executives, employees, representatives…

Negotiation and solution finding

In all types of projects, understanding everyone's expectations and challenges is paramount. Anticipating conflicts is necessary to negotiate before they even appear. Once again, the project manager must demonstrate a certain ability to listen impartially in order to bring out the most appropriate solutions. 

Risk management

Another essential action of project management, often overlooked, is the analysis of project risks. It itself gives rise to its own action plan, either by anticipation and prevention. Established in advance, and in case of appearance of the risk concerned, it makes it possible to react as quickly and decisively as possible. A good risk analysis is a key success factor. We will not fail to carry it out on all the projects that you entrust to us.

Management of subcontractors and service providers

As part of a project management contract, we manage each stakeholder in project mode. Our role is to ensure the proper completion of the expected tasks and services. As a wise intermediary between the client and the project manager, speaking the same language, we are the guardians of our clients' interests, before and after the end of the project.


Indispensable tool!

You want to set up a project management tool for your company. Beyond Microsoft Project, which remains the reference in the field, there are other solutions that are much lighter, networked or for a single user. We can help you choose and implement the solution best suited to your needs. We can also offer you the hosting of the software on our servers with secure access to authorized employees.