Cecile Mignot

Clinical psychologist
and psycho-energetician


According to a new survey by ADP (Automatic Data Processing), the French are the most stressed compared to their European neighbors. France remains in first place with the most anxious employees: 1 in 5 French people (19%) say they experience daily stress at work. In this context, 31% of French people think that their employer is not at all interested in their psychological well-being and 41% say that their interest is only superficial, which is in both cases higher than the European average.

How to prevent burnout?

Faced with this growing problem of suffering at work, more and more companies are addressing the issues of well-being at work. How to prevent burnout?

In this context, we intervene in companies on stress management training for employees.

The objective of the training is to:

-Know how to recognize the different symptoms of stress

-Understand the mechanisms of stress on the body

-Know how to identify the triggers of stress

-Appropriate and master stress management tools (energy techniques, mindfulness meditation and breathing)